A Vinyl Review of 2014

Something About Funk

Well as 2014 is on our doorstep, the news media has once again filled its white space with what is quickly becoming a mainstay of the end of year news: the rise of vinyl.

The most common angle this time of year is the one that comes with the least surprise; vinyl sales have once again grown, up 49% from last year. This means vinyl now represents 3.5% of total music sales, up from around 2% of sales at the end of the 2013. Whilst the resurgence is small, it’s bucking the trend of declining physical sales.

This growth is on the back of rock record buyers, with Jack White’s Lazaretto being the highest selling vinyl album with 75,700 units. It seems the gimmick of a backward playing, secret section vinyl album payed off with the next biggest seller being the Arctic Monkeys who sold about half that amount.

Top Selling Vinyl 2014 Top…

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