Welcome :)


Hello! First things first, I’m going to start of by being completely honest with you, I don’t particularly know why I’ve decided to make a blog or what I’m even going to write about. So, I suppose I’ll just write about whatever takes my fancy at the time.

For now I’ll just introduce myself.

My name is Poppy, I recently turned 18 years old and I live in Wigan with my Mum, Dad and Brother. I have a boyfriend who I’ve been with for almost 3 years. I particularly like reading, music, video games (more on the Nintendo side of things), make-up, fashion, smelly things (perfumes, candles, bath products etc.), films and television, so these are probably the things I will write about most of the time. Although, it is likely that I’ll occasionally branch out too expressing my thoughts and opinions on the other things in life.

Please feel…

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Enjoy the flow of music

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