Album Review: “Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From a Memory” Dream Theater


Well, this album is currently celebrating its 15th anniversary in the last moments of the year 2014.  “Open Your Eyes Nicholas.”  That is right open them.  See the great music that Dream Theater can input into your memory.  A true band developing a cloud of progressive music that can shock the way John Petrucci can play guitar.  This album would be Jordan Rudess’s first test if he can stick to being with Dream Theater.  This was proven successful as Rudess has appeared in Dream Theater albums many years later.  “Fatal Tragedy” shows the improvisation that guitarist John Petrucci and Rudess can do together.  “The Dance of Eternity” impresses me with Petrucci using a seven stringed guitar to create music that will blow almost any hardcore DT fan away to fairy world.  This album certainly does not disappoint too many, even though it is not the group’s best line of work.[B-]

“Finally Free” by Dream Theater


Enjoy the flow of music

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