Tune in Friday

Wow what a song.  “Heart-Shaped Box” found on the critically acclaimed final Nirvana album,”In Utero,”  it one of the tunes that truly shows what the band wanted to stick to.  With Grunge being popular in the western United in early 1990’s, Nirvana helped make the subgenre popular along with other groups like Soundgarden and Pearl Jam.  The heavy dirty sound of Kurt Cobain playing the guitar helped him become a cultural icon.  Even after his death nearly 21 years ago, he is well-known for others including “In Bloom” and “All Apologies, both again showing Cobain’s/ Nirvana’s direction of music.  Check out the official song video of “Heart-Shaped Box” below.


8 thoughts on “Tune in Friday

  1. I miss grunge – the tiny era was fantastic. You didn’t buy grunge – you MADE grunge. Thrift store outfits, going out and paying for a ticket or cover charge to see a live show at a local venue, Music mattered, there was no internet, zines were awesome and MTV didn’t suck.


    • Well I do not know if I would say classical, but they were absolutely a great group. That is why they have sold over 75 millions copies of their albums world wide. “Nevermind” and “In Utero” are the two albums that drove Nirvana to even more fame. A classical group in my book is someone like Jimi Hendrix or Black Sabbath.

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