Savory Saturday

This song will blow anyway away is you are a huge fan of Ozzy Osbourne, or just beginning to like mainstream heavy metal individuals like him.  After the sudden death of guitarist Randy Rhoads, Jake E. Lee would take over the role of guitar.  Lee would become an impact for Ozzy Osbourne, making this song a huge success for the third studio album “Bark at the Moon.”  Heck, this song would make it on music video game Guitar Hero Smash Hits.  Even better, John Petrucci, guitarist of Dream Theater, said he was influenced by Rhoads fantastic playing.  Check out the official video of “Bark at the Moon” below.


4 thoughts on “Savory Saturday

      • hahaha… Ozzie running around the lab in the beginning instantly sparked my memory. I was a huge fan back then. Matter of fact, Ozzie was my first concert in 1982. I think he had left Black Sabbath a few years before that. I convinced my father to take me and 3 other friends… Dad and 4 twelve year olds going to an Ozzie concert… crazy man…. Memphis, Tennessee in 1982!

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