Blogger’s Song Pick of Sunday (Symphony X “Sea of Lies”)

You just want to dip your body in water.  A clear business of fire guitar playing.  The New Jersey based group Symphony X has on song that might blow your mind away. Falling into the category of progressive music along with neoclassical/power metal, the band brings in similar music to that of Kamelot and Dream Theater.  With “Sea of Lies” released under third studio album “The Divine Wings of Tragedy,” guitarist Michael Romeo’s loud playing of neoclassical Yngwie Malmsteen and complex riff patterns  heard.  Although the band has not reached much popularity when compared to Dream Theater, the band has been able to still challenge the “Kings of Progressive Metal” over the last 15 years.  Symphony X by the way continues to grow popularity and hopefully they will when their album is supposedly released in Spring fo 2015.  You can listen to the song below.

8 thoughts on “Blogger’s Song Pick of Sunday (Symphony X “Sea of Lies”)

  1. Guitar was excellent of course, just as you described it. Vocals at the beginning, around 0:35 reminded me too much of Yes, the Saturday in the park song! It was all good from 2:05 to the end though. Great find! Thank you for sharing it with us.

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