Album Review: “Falling Into Infinity” Dream Theater


Dream Theater’s fourth studio album “Falling Into Infinity” was originally released in 1997 under East West Records.  Being the last studio album released by that record label, Dream Theater would go on to sign with Elektra.  With the band’s last studio album “Awake” featuring heavier playing and darker lyrics, “Falling Into Infinity” provided  much more radio friendlier kind of music.  It seemed to not work very well for many fans and music critics, accusing the band especially of failing to actually write songs and make good tonality in their music.  The most fascinating about this album is it perhaps the most difficult album, with songs having complex time signatures.  And Dream Theater does not fail at doing that at all do they?

“Hell’s Kitchen,” perhaps one of the most beloved songs that I have heard from the “Kings of Progressive Metal,”  crafted with rich instrumentality that will take many’s breath away.  Instrumental songs are a rare form of Dream Theater usually building lyrics into their song.  “Hell’s Kitchen” is one of the most melodic DT instrumental pieces.  You also have “Peruvian Skies,” which has a near sound introduction to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.”  There are also some riffs that hit in “Peruvian Skies” by guitarist no more than John Petrucci.  He has discovered Metallica being one of his biggest musical influences with the fun power chord playing and shredding.  “Trail of Tears” also nails itself with Derek Sherinian and Petrucci playing dual solos.  Even then, he did not do the best job a keyboardist can do for the group, which explains his departure and appearance on only one Dream Theater album.  Although “Falling Into Infinity” is not the group’s most finest works much like “Images and Words” and “Awake”, it still weights itself as a good art product with some catchy songs.  [B-]

“Hell’s Kitchen” and “Peruvian Skies” by Dream Theater


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