Album Review: “Ultra Beatdown” Dragonforce


Dragonforce’s fourth studio album “Ultra Beatdown” is perhaps one of the band’s most finest works. “Heroes of Our Time” provides the key ingredients needed to create the perfect storm of Dragonforce.   Brace yourself for the high quantity of power chords used by guitarist Herman Li and Sam Totman.  The two even have fun playing guitar solos using whammy bar double tapping much like Eddie Van Halen mixed with John Petrucci. ZP Theart’s last appearance on a Dragonforce studio album would make a huge impression for the power metallers group.  His high pitching voice of fantasy led many hardcore fans of this group to go on as a moderate mainstream group.  “Inside the Winter Strom” and “The Warrior Inside” provide the single note speed that Li and Totman are really good at doing, much like Dave Mustaine and Jeff Hannerman combined.  Amazing keyboard playing lays within these songs, but the guitars will probably be the most impressive instruments to the average Dragonforce fans.  [B+]

“Heroes of Our Time” official music video (edited) and whole song  by Dragonforce

The Warrior Inside” by Dragonforce


Enjoy the flow of music

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