Joe Satriani hits the studio for new album…

Thanks for putting up this post. Joe is such an amazing guitarist. I love his “Surfing With the Alien” album.


Joe Satch just posted this announcement that he began work on his next album which will be his follow-up from his 2013 record, “Unstoppable Momentum” (which kicks total ass, btw).

While I do like shred guitar virtuosos such as Joe Satch, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Yngwie and all those guys… I give the utmost respect to Joe Satriani and Al Di Meola. Joe Satriani and Al Di Meola are both of my heroes and both of those guys are coming out with new records this year so bring ’em on!

How big of a fan I am of Joe Satriani? HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just fucking love the guy’s music and I’m trying to collect all of his stuff as much as possible. I’m trying to collect his discography. Of course, I first got into this guy’s music by hearing his iconic album, “Surfing With the Alien”, that was the album that…

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