Album Review: “Train of Thought” Dream Theater


Ah yes the seventh studio album of Dream Theater.  With this album released in 2003, it displays as one of the artwork merchandise of the giant prog metaller’s style of playing heavily.  Most of the songs are over seven minutes, and yet, the group’s guitarist John Petrucci plays outstandingly.  The truth about his guitar playing based on a large array of influences from Stevie Ray Vaughn to Steve Morse and neoclassical musician Yngwie Malmsteen.  Petrucci’s solo in “Stream of Consciousness,” a well-developed instrumental piece, provides the sound and speed of a Malmsteen that plays progressive metal instead of the neoclassical music.  “This Dying Soul” and “In the Name of God”  again shows just how great Petrucci is as a guitarist.  His use of guitar riffs are like Metallica’s James Hetfield and Rush’s Alex Lifeson, shows what he has been able to achieve.  Although this is not the greatest Dream Theater album, it still is not a waste of anyone’s money.  After all, this is a group that has continued to succeed after the release of “Train of Thought” and gain a large growing fan base.  [B]

“Stream of Conciousness” by Dream Theater


Enjoy the flow of music

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