Got To Have Song In My Head Month

“Valley of the Damned” found off Dragonforce’s first studio album “Valley of the Damned” enriched with what the English power metal group have to offer.  The symphonic environment with the powerful playing of two fantastic guitar players Herman Li and Sam Totman, has reached the band to moderate mainstream success after releasing this album and many future ones.  They key to understanding how Dragonforce creates such delightful music, just by looking at what playing style.  With Li and Totman, they provide the dual guitar solos much like that of Kerry King and Jeff Hannerman from Slayer.  But you also have powerful shredding solos that comes from all roots of guitarist like Dave Murray of Iron Maiden to Michael Romeo of Symphony X or even Marty Friedman formerly of Cacophony and Megadeth, adding symphonic elements.  Zp Theart’s thrilling vocals hammers out in the  power metal scene.  Although bands like Helloween and Startovarius first popularized the sub-genre of heavy metal, Dragonforce and in some cases, Symphony X revolutionized power metal with the powerful playing of music in a symphonic nature.  Check out “Valley of the Damned” and enjoy music.


Enjoy the flow of music

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