Newly Discovered Guitarist of the Month


Wow what an amazing guitarist.  It started by looking up on Wikipedia a whole list of progressive metal bands.  I came across the name of a group by the name of Biomechanical, an English groove/progressive metal band.  Greek guitarist Gus Drax, a guitarist who is not well-known to many people, unless of course you are very familiar with the Greece heavy metal scene, shreds like wildfire on his seven stringed guitar. Even as a member of Sunburst and Black Fate, Gus has audacity to form like a F5 tornado on guitar.  His influences are from a whole list of fantastic guitarists: John Petrucci, Jason Becker, Yngwie Malmsteen, Jeff Loomis, Chris Broderick/Dave Mustaine, Michael Romeo, Iron Maiden, and who knows how many more damn musicians.  The pure high melody in his solo album “In Search of Perfection” proves why he deserves consideration as one of the leading guitarists, next to Rusty Cooley, of the post Malmsteen era.  A couple of YouTube videos are available below for review to see this amazing musician.  Enjoy it fellow bloggers!


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