Album Review: “Revenge of the Shredlord” Joe Stump


What indeed a shredlord Joe Stump is.  For one thing, he has gained attention as one of the fastest playing guitarists.  In latest album “Revenge of the Shredlord,” Stump brings his audience a true artistic shredder ready for performing music.  Being influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore, classical music, and largely Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe is able to provide technical demanding neoclassical music in the air.  Songs like “Man Your Battlestations” and “Shredlord’s Sonata” both have the Malmsteen element sound that is key for Joe’s guitar playing.  The enormous speed of Yngwie’s style of playing has earned Stump the spot of a highly respected shredder along with other guitarists including John Petrucci of Dream Theater and Alex Skolnick (Testament), both of which Malmsteen influenced.  For anyone into the shred guitarists, this album will make you smile if you especially are into Malmsteen influenced players. [B]

“The Ritual,” “Man Your Battlestations,” and “Shredlord’s Sonata” by Joe Stump


Enjoy the flow of music

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