Album Review: “Dark Roots of Earth” Testament

Testament - Dark Roots of Evil (2012) -

Testament is one of the most well-known group of the thrash metal scene.  Formed in the California much like other thrash groups including Exodus and Metallica, they have learned to adjust hard rock out playing of music.  Being the tenth studio album, the listeners can understand why Testament is good at drawing in a lot of people.  Although not selling as many albums when compared to Metallica, they can still drag in great guitar solos.  “Rise Up” “Last Stand for Independence”  and “Native Blood” are one of the harshest played songs of the album.  Careful listening to “Rise Up” displays Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson’s style of playing guitar.  They both do it well to create the band’s dynamic game planning.  Furthermore, Chuck Billy provides vocals to let out his lungs of music about his Native American, war, and politics.  “Dark Roots of Earth” like many other Testament songs in this album, contains power chords and heavy distortion that Skolnick and Peterson use.  Even more amazing is the solo that Alex Skolnick and Peterson provides that has improvisations of Randy Rhaods and Yngwie Malmsteen.  This album will impress the average fan of Testament, as it even has some reflections of music going back to “The New Order” album. [B+]


Enjoy the flow of music

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