5 Things We Learned from Katy Perry’s Palm Tree Dancers’ Reddit AMA


While Katy Perry’s left shark was busy becoming an Internet meme, the palm tree dancers from the singer’s halftime show—students from Arizona State University in real life—took to reddit for an Ask-Me-Anything Q&A. Here are some of their most interesting answers:

1. They weren’t paid.
“I volunteered and I’m not upset that I didn’t get paid. It was a great experience and I got to work with some great people. Definitely worth it. I may have been a little greedy though and tried to keep what I could from the performance.” They were, however, fed “at all but one rehearsal.”

2. Katy Perry had an outfit pit crew.
“There was an entire wardrobe crew dressed in white haz-mat-like [sic] outfits devoted to sprinting on/off the stage and changing her clothes, which were, for the most part, snap-on.”

3. The sharks were Katy’s actual dancers.
The users doing the…

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