Pharrell Took ‘Happy’ at the GRAMMYs & Made It Weird

CBS Los Angeles

By Brian Ives

How many different ways canPharrellbe “Happy?”

He seems to figure out how to keep one of the most ubiquitous songs of the past year and a half fresh. At the 57th Annual GRAMMYs, he started the song with a pretty unhappy?angry, even?version of the song.

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Of course, if you were for some reason dressed as a bellhop on national TV (a throwback tothis commercial from December), you might be unhappy, too. But the angry intro didn’t last too long, he then went into a more familiar version of the song, albeit with classical piano breaks courtesy of Lang Lang (you might remember him: he jammed withMetallicaat the GRAMMYs last year).

Pharrell has already won one GRAMMY for “Happy” tonight, but will he win Album of the Year forG I…

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