Own Almost All Dream Theater Studio Albums

Knowing there are 12 Dream Theater studio albums,  I almost own all of them.  The fact of the matter is these American based progressive guys are known for their obscure time signatures and mixture of metal and rock.  Extended solos and long songs are in the mixing pot as well.  “Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence” would be the group’s first self-song title of the album that clocked at over 90 minutes.  It is considered overall the longest song Dream Theater has made going to 42 minutes.  The album is of course double cd, containing tracks like “The Glass Prison,”  which would start former drummer Mike Portnoy’s twelve-step-suite of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) of his experience with rehabilitation from drinking alcohol.  The song is also considered the second longest in the album.  You can have a listen to “The Glass Prison” below.  The album only missing from my collection is “A Dramatic Turn of Events,” which is considered the first album of Dream Theater with now drummer Mike Mangini.


Enjoy the flow of music

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