Album review Four

Once again, Buckethead just seems to rock some people’s world by making great music that just seems to be far from average. The album was released as the seventy-fifth studio album. Overall, I was quite impressed with this album for the following reasons.

One, the first song “Coats of Claude,” reminds of the day that I listened to one of Buckethead’s most famous songs. If you are a music fan of instrumental rock of this mysterious guitarist, you would know that he played the song Soothsayer, created in the eighteenth studio album titled “Crime Slunk Scene.” The song is usually played at Buckethead concerts. His deep knowledge of using different picking techniques and shredding allows him to play music very extraordinarily. Furthermore, six minutes into the album, there is a beautiful part of the song played that can take you back to the song of Soothsayer. The song is very well played, with different picking techniques used: hammer-ons, pull-offs,vibrato, etc.

Lastly, the the album had a song that kicked pretty good tush. The very last song of the album titled “Headless Reflection,” seems to have a funky kind of speed metal and experimental music mixed together. With these genres put together, Buckethead achieves to make a fantastic song. The album overall deserves an A grade rating for its great music created and played by the one and only Buckethead. The album is available in a signed CD edition for $25 and digital download for $8.99. If you want to look for information on the album, visit the website below:

Enjoy the flow of music

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