Album Review: Buckethead Series

Well it seems like Buckethead is sure releasing studio albums faster than many musicians can release them. He has released 80 studio albums to date. Yet, he has an album titled pike 51 that is being worked on now. There are signed drawing editions of Pike 51 that will include a drawing and a signature on a blank CD sleeve as well as numbered CDR. The sale ends today. However, you can still receive the album by purchasing it for $25. Moreover, the album is a signed edition with a signed blank CD sleeve and numbered CDR. However, there are only a limited 300 copies. Shipping starts April 9th, according to the Buckethead website. No release date of the album in digital format and standard CD edition has been announced yet.

For the first album that I have reviewed, titled “Backwards Chimney”, the album lacked somewhat taste. I would give this album a B- grade pretty much since Buckethead lacks what I thought would be good in his album. The only piece that I was quite astonished by was the song “West of Arkham.” The reason behind this mystery is because I was impressed by the 9:48 part of the song, when Buckethead creates a solo that reminds me somewhat of Yngwie Malmsteen, Swedish guitarist who has largely influenced Buckethead’s playing capability. Overall, the album is not a complete waste of money to purchase.As for purchasing the album, you can now purchase it on Itunes and buy a signed edition of the album for $25. A standard edition of the album has not been released yet.

The next album reviewed was the album of “Pike 43.” I must say that I was actually quite impressed listening to the album. For anyone who needs good music for various music, this album would probably fit your game if you like any form of music genre. Some of the songs for pike 43 were quite impressive and reminiscent feeling of peacefulness. Moreover, anyone feeling isolated should be into this album since this music can provide a feeling of relaxation. It is quite better than today’s pop music that I find quite distasteful from a musical standpoint. Yet, this album has no lyrics and just a nice melody to it that just makes the music so great. Track one and five are probably the best song tracks that I would have to say must ben anyone’s best bet to find exciting music. At time 25:40, there is a wonderful part that sounds very relaxing. I would give this album a B+ grade for it is a good music. Worth the money and time to purchase the album. A signed edition of the album is available on for 25 dollars. There is has been no set digital or standard CD edition release date for the album.

The last album for this segment review is the album “You Cannot Triple Stamp a Double Stamp.” There is really not to say about his album except a pretty good choice for anyone into experimental rock/metal. Many of the songs within the album are at a odd time signature since experimental music allows the musician to experiment with different music and time signatures. Furthermore, the music has a background in alternative rock that emerged from the growth of punk rock. Thanks in large to Buckethead’s many musical influences including that of Shawn Lane, Randy Rhoads, and other musicians, this was key for Buckethead to develop the ability to play guitar real fast on single notes much like in the punk rock scene from bands like Ramones, Black Flag, etc. Two songs that have a kind of a feeling towards somewhat punk rock music are songs Flickering Lights and Portrait Gallery. Overall, the album is decent so I would give it a B- only because the album does not display entirely well thought out songs that I was expecting from Buckethead. Nonetheless, this album is worth the time for anyone planning on buying the album. A signed CD edition of the album is available for 25 dollars. Digital download is available as well on the website and Itunes. For more information, visit Here are the the links to the albums.

Enjoy the flow of music

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