Got To Have Song In My Head Month


Based on certain qualifications that I will update in my blog sometime this weekend, I have decided to do this because of the fact that I want to frequently blog about many things.  As I have said, there are ideas I am generally open to.  So without further or do, I give you this months “Got To Have Song in My Head” choice.

For the band Dream Theater who will end their tour at the Big Top Luna Park in Sydney, Australia on October 30, they have had a fantastic year performing.  I remembered seeing them live at the Hammerstein Ballroom in March of this year.  Nevertheless, I have chosen the song “Enigma Machine.”   This song of course comes off from Dream Theater’s 12th self titled studio album “Dream Theater.”  This song appears at over 6 minutes in the studio version, but a little over 8 minutes if anyone has gone to any Dream Theater this year. Why?  Because drummer Mike Magini  plays a zexy drum solo.

I think what is amazing about this song as I listen to it and eat fruits with peanut butter dip past three in the morning, you can get really dragged in to the solos that both guitarist John Petrucci and keyboardist Jordan Rudess do.   Crazy soloing is of course one of my biggest turn on (not sexual).  I just cannot ask for anything better than a good guitarist like Petrucci who can shred like crazy.  Unbelievable amount of time he put in to cover songs from Queen to Deep Purple to Rush to even Metallica!! One can even argue that the soloing came from Kirk Hammett, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Steve Vai, all fantastic guitarists that have careers spanning for over 20 years.  Complex time signatures and instrumentality is what makes this song stand out even more.  If the band members and play good music, perhaps I will just get my toes into the water.  Besides, what is the point of just sticking to one stupid sub-genre? I might as well just jump out of the car and just get in front of a spitting cobra.  Grab a camera and take exploration, yet tasteful images that can just wow people, music is diverse and just watch and listen to the music.

Many people may not realize this, but a lot of instrumental music has different moods.  Since a lot of Dream Theater songs have John performing with a seven stringed guitar, making him a unique guitarist.  Not only is he one of the 50 fastest shredders of all time according to Guitar World Magazine, He is up on the charts of unique guitarists with Michael Angelo Batio, Jimi Hendrix, and many other guitarists.   Also, a lot of technical playing of riffs and picking techniques come from him.  I have named Petrucci “King of Progressive Metal.”  The key is to realize that John has worked with Dream Theater for almost 30 years now. , for which many other great guitarists like Vai, Herman Li of Dragonforce, Joe Satriani, Malmsteen, and among many others.  And although other progressive metaller axemen like Jeff Loomis, formerly of Nevermore, and Michael Romeo (Symphony X) have performed for a while, they are nothing like Petrucci who is mainstream, being signed with Roadrunner Records controlled by Warner Music Group.  The thing many should get into their skull is that you do not need radio friendly music to hear good music.  A key guitar player, with a good keyboardist, drummer, and bassist is all you need to make yummy music.  No lyrics is a very good concept to take into mind.  I always say to explore music.  Again, there are many different kinds of music that should take your mind in deeply.  Even if I do not like some of the poppy/ hip hop music of today’s generation, there are some very weird genres that a lot of people have probably never heard of.  Math rock? Well look it up.  However, let me just close out and say “Enigma Machine” is a fantastic song that can just be played over and over.  That is what I exactly do.  Maybe a bit of humming might come into play when listening to the song.  Moreover, just remember, the money (good music) is hidden right under the rug.  Lift it up, you will find gold coins reflecting your face making you have a smiley face.