A Guide of Grading Music Work

A+: Just go get the album whether physically or digitally as a means to listen to the tracks on it. Most likely, you will hear the music frequently.

A: Almost entirely merits the idea for an individual to go fetch the album that might be worth someone’s time and money, as one should realize to spend a musical piece well worth the fortune.

A-: Semi excellence for a musical piece that gets almost full merit. People! Go get the musical piece just so you can belly out into different forms of music out in society.

B+: The musical piece does a good job of providing important elements that can receive high acclaim. Furthermore, the art piece is well worth getting.

B: Just go get the album. Hey why not a band poster? Or hmm a live album? What about uh an EP? Look, just shut up and get it please thanks!!

B-: Get the musical artwork because I told you to.

C+: Slightly above average. Might be well worth or not to get the album.

C: Should I go left or right? Choose one of those sides bub. Time is money.

C-: Ehh I have heard better.

D: So long to this album. Not well worth buying the digital or physical copy.

F: Yeah uh huh failure. I marked in my calendar to not get something. Put it in a worst album year bin or file.

:-l : Next album please.

5 thoughts on “A Guide of Grading Music Work

  1. My husband and I have our own grading system of sorts. We have to BOTH agree before a song can be designated as ‘kick-ass’.

    Some kick-ass examples would be Sultans of Swing (Dire Straits), Hotel California (Eagles), Brothers in Arms (Dire Straits), Nothing Else Matters (Metallica), Radar Love (Golden Earring), The Unforgiven (Metallica), Twilight Zone (Golden Earring) and pretty much anything by Joe Bonamassa and – it goes with out saying – Pink Floyd.



  2. Interesting and fun stuff to read so far. You’ve got a follower in me. I’ve been into a lot of YouTube finds these days with music. I found two assists, in particular, to be pretty memorizing. Shakey graves it’s one of them and the other is Johnny Flynn.


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