Ramones “It’s Alive” Album Review


Hey Johnny Ramone? What?  Can I dance with you?  Are you freaking nuts? Define being nuts? I mean as in are you freaking crazy?  Well yes I am.  Besides, I do love the Ramones making good music.  Even if the Ramones are gone,their music still lives on.

The shouting one, two, three, and four gets everybody up on their ass ready to rock to some punk music. Being probably the first band to create the genre, They were in a time when Sex Pistols, Blondie, and The Clash. Tracks, “Blitzkrieg Bop,” “Judy is a Punk,” “Chainsaw,” “Commando,” “Cretin Hop,” “Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World,” and many other songs coming from the following three first Ramones album:“Ramones,” “Leave Home,” and “Rocket to Russia.” These albums being critically acclaimed and later revolutionizing thrash metal and hardcore punk, simplifying power chord movement in the songs mentioned above, helped garner the Ramones’ reputation for later musicians. High distortion with repetitive punky/poppy lyrics like “Gabba Gabba Hey!” Gabba Gabba Hey!” “Gabba Gabba Hey!” Gabba Gabba Hey!” made these king punkers even more well-known. And though feuds between Johnny and Joey Ramone in the later years of the band releasing eleven more studio albums, the band continues ti be remembered for great achievements. That being huge on a movement where many were creating rebellion music and fast tempo music with simple chord progression. Kirk Hammett is sure happy the Ramones got him to where he is today with Metallica. Overall, this album demands you to get it. Go fetch it! [A]


5 thoughts on “Ramones “It’s Alive” Album Review

      • I’m actually reading and enjoying them 🙂
        I still can believe how the could play together for so many years without talking to each other… Either the love for the band or the fight to be there the longest.


      • I am glad you are enjoying some of my readings. I mean I am sure for a musician to have a long career, they have to develop the influences. Many musicians like Dave Mustaine of Megadeth or Justin Bieber have musical roots that go back to their childhood. There are some musical groups that last for a long time compared to others. Mustaine himelf first started out in Metallica, and of course was subsquently fired from the group. What did he do? Formed Megadeth and stopped at a certain point because of an injury. Now, the band reformed 10 years later and are still performing live. I posted on my blog that Megadeth wil be entering the studio to work on their fifteenth album.

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